Popular Mechanics: Ergonomics With Flair

(Popular Mechanics, January 01, 2003) By Christopher Allbritton

My back hurts all the time and my wrists don’t feel so hot either. Sometimes I get pains in my legs that I can’t explain. Some of my discomforts can be attributed to getting older — I’m 33, for God’s sake. But like many people who work on computers for a living, I have a sneaking suspicion that poor posture and unfortunate choices in office equipment may be partly to blame. Of course I looked at getting one of those curved keyboards and a cool chair, but everything I found was boring, industrial or just plain ugly. I use a Mac: Design and style are very important to me. So I went out looking for stylish and comfortable ergonomic tools to help me in my day-today work.

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Your eyes need a break too! Look away from your monitor regularly to help prevent computer vision syndrome—a widespread condition known to cause headaches, eyestrain, neck and back pain, and light sensitivity.

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Check out research, whitepapers, presentations, and studies on the science of ergonomics so you can reduce the risk of injury and pain at the workplace.