Tech Tray


Give your peepers a breather! Reduce eyestrain by taking regular vision breaks. Try looking into the distance two or three times an hour for 30 seconds.

Designed to accommodate the growing use of portable technology in the workplace, including laptop computers, tablets, e-readers, cell phones, MP3 players and more, Humanscale's new Tech Tray offers a simple solution for technology access and storage. Sized to easily hold a laptop with docking station, the Tech Tray helps organize and optimize a workspace by getting technology off the desk. Even better, it keeps technology out of sight, out of the way, and safe from the spilled cup of coffee.

  • Large platform accommodates all portable technology
  • Under-the-desk track provides easy access or convenient stowing
  • Slim design ensures plenty of leg clearance


  • Tray Dimensions: 12" W x 14" D
  • 16" track easily fits under all desks
  • Complete unit fits within 3.5" of underside of desk
  • 15 year 24/7 warranty


Sustainabilitytech tray

We work hard to ensure that our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impact of every choice made throughout the design process—from initial concept through final production. We invite you to read more.

A selection of sustainability highlights for the Tech Tray:

  • Learn more about how we work to extend the life of our products through both design and engineering so they won’t need to be replaced often
  • Close the Loop program ensures that every product ends its useful life with a minimal environmental impact
  • ANSI/ BIFMA level® certified

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