Give your peepers a breather! Reduce eyestrain by taking regular vision breaks. Try looking into the distance two or three times an hour for 30 seconds.

Offering easy adjustment of the monitor's height and depth up to 12 inches, the M4 is an ideal monitor arm solution for the multiple-user workstation. When a new user sits down, he or she can reposition the monitor at an ergonomic height and distance in a matter of seconds. And when the computer is not being used, the monitor pushes away easily to create extra real estate on the work surface.

Monitor Matters

Monitor Matters
A dynamic monitor arm adds ergonomic versatility to any workstation.
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Humanscale Design Studio
The M4 was designed by the Humanscale Design Studio.
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Responsible Design

Sustainability is the natural outcome of simple, elegant design.
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Featuring effortless height and depth adjustability, Humanscale’s new M4 is perfect for desks that are used by more than one person.

  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Ideal ergonomic viewing for all users
  • 12" range of finger-tip height adjustment
  • 12" range of easy depth adjustment
  • Accommodates monitors weighing from five to 20 pounds.
  • 360º monitor rotation for portrait or landscape viewing
  • 60º range of lateral and vertical monitor tilt for additional viewing adjustability
  • Multiple mounting options: grommet, desk clamp or fixed wall mount
  • Can be used with all VESA- compliant monitors (which have a 3" or 4" square hole pattern on the back to which the monitor mount can be attached
  • 10-year, 24/7 warranty on gas cylinder; 15-year, 24/7 warranty on all other components



  • VESA compatible
  • 360° monitor rotation
  • 160° vertical angle range
  • 200° lateral angle range
  • Steel and die-cast aluminum construction for strength and durability
  • Pneumatic cylinder supports monitors five to 20 pounds.
  • Powder coat finish
  • Comes standard with 75mm and 100mm VESA brackets
  • 10-year warranty on gas cylinder; 15-year 24/7 warranty on all other components

Warranty Information

10-year 24/7 warranty



We work hard to ensure that our environmental philosophy is reflected in each product we create. With our Design for Environment protocol, our designers and engineers examine the environmental impact of every choice made throughout the design process—from initial concept through final production. We invite you to read more.

A selection of sustainability highlights for the M4:

  • Learn more about how we work to extend the life of our products through both design and engineering so they won’t need to be replaced often
  • Close the Loop program ensures that every product ends its useful life with a minimal environmental impact


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