National Defense University Case Study

"When it comes to the complete system, Humanscale is in a class by itself."

- Stephen Hatch, Director of Engineering

NDU Seeks Health & Comfort

National Defense University (NDU), the premier center for Joint Professional Military Education, was in the process of constructing a new graduate academic facility. The task at hand was to find solutions to promote the health and safety of NDU students and employees. The head of the project, Director of Engineering Stephen Hatch, chose to outfit the classrooms and administrative offices of the new facility with high-performance ergonomic products.

“We really wanted to make the best use of the new space,” Hatch said. “We wanted products that were high quality, durable and easy to use, without a lot of maintenance.”

To fulfill NDU’s classroom needs, Hatch sought a task chair that could accommodate a wide range of users who were constantly coming and going. Since the average age of an NDU graduate student is 42, Hatch’s ideal task chair needed to provide comfort for users with a variety of physical needs for varying lengths of time, from hour-long meetings to all-day class sessions. To outfit the offices, Hatch’s charge was to find ergonomic work tools that would please a majority of NDU employees. Therefore, he had to determine which were the best task chairs and ergo tools on the market—and more importantly, which were the best for NDU.

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