Financial Case Study: Proving to be a Company That Cares

"The beauty and function of the Humanscale seating, lighting and monitor arms were a natural fit for our new aesthetic."

- Program Manager, Corporate Services

Seeking the Best

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One of the world’s largest, most renowned financial institutions had  high standards when they decided in 2010 to overhaul nearly 750,000 square feet of their headquarters, floor by floor. To properly outfit their space, they required products that would encourage collaboration and productivity among employees, while contributing to environmental sustainability.

In their process of selecting these solutions, ergonomics played an important role. “We wanted to give our employees more control and adjustability over their workspaces with ergonomic products that were high-quality, green and in tune with the architects’ design aesthetics,” says the company’s Program Manager, Corporate Services. After all, as he notes, “Happy employees are productive employees.”

Within the larger goal of fostering an engaging workspace with green ergonomic products, the company also had the more specific aim of achieving LEED Gold Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (EBOM) Certification. To attain this, they needed ergonomic solutions that would help in acquiring valuable LEED credits. And thanks to their long, symbiotic history with Humanscale, they already had the ergonomics leader on their radar as an authority on sustainable innovations.


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