Acxiom Case Study

"The fact that Liberty will move with you and that anyone can use it—that’s what makes it a cut above the rest."

- Mark Mercer, Head of Property and Facilities, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Promoting Communication and Collab.

Acxiom Corporation, a global interactive marketing services firm, decided to undertake an overhaul of all its European office spaces. First stop: the United Kingdom office (Acxiom U.K.).

Acxiom U.K. had chosen to move away from the typical corporate environment—one dominated by large desks and solitary cubicles—and toward a new design modeled to facilitate the company’s primary functions: communication and collaboration. This new space would mean a more unilateral office environment—one that was flat and open, with good lines of sight and communication.

To Mark Mercer, Acxiom’s Head of Property and Facilities, Europe, Middle East and Africa, it was plain to see that the company would greatly benefit from clearing up the space and replacing its oversized pieces with high-performance ones. Already familiar with Humanscale’s award-winning innovations, Mark was quick to identify the company’s M7 monitor arm and Liberty task chair as the best solutions for Acxiom’s needs.
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