Faces in the Wild

Each year, Humanscale invites artists, designers, photographers and philanthropists to donate wildlife-themed artwork or photographs to be auctioned at a gala event in our New York City showroom.

Started in 2000, Faces in the Wild has raised more than $390,000 in direct donations to WWF, including matching donations from Humanscale. At the 2008 event, a record $75,000 was raised on bids and donations alone, resulting in a total donation of $150,000.

Humanscale founder and CEO Robert King has served on the National Council of WWF since 1999 and remains one of the causes most staunch supporters.


Art Auctions and Philanthropy - Faces in the Wild | Humanscale
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Read more about Humanscale's annual corporate philanthropy event, Faces in the Wild, which auctions animal-related art to benefit the World Wildlife Federation.


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