Flat Panel Monitor Arms Improve Comfort at Work

Cornell University Study Proves Humanscale’s M7 Boosts Health and Screen Visibility


Karen Brooking


New York, November 5, 2007 — Humanscale’s M7 Flat Panel Monitor Arms reduce Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) symptoms and musculoskeletal discomfort, and enhance workstation utilization and satisfaction, reports a 2007 study by Cornell University.

M7 users experienced fewer CVS symptoms, including a 45% drop in eyestrain frequency, a 22% decrease in “tired eyes” and a 7% decrease in headache frequency. Users also reported significantly less musculoskeletal discomfort in the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and hands than participants whose screens did not have monitor arms. Over the course of three months, participants working with the M7 reported a decrease in upper body discomfort by as much as 32%.
Members of the test group unanimously agreed that the M7 allowed them to optimally position their computer screens, with 90% reporting that they were “always” satisfied with screen height. By comparison, only 30% of non-M7 users reported the same level of satisfaction with the height of their screens. Nearly all participants with monitor arms installed—92%—said they were “very satisfied” with their computer screen in general compared to 0% of those whose monitors sat on their desktop. In addition, flat panel monitor arms facilitated on-screen information-sharing with colleagues.
“The results of the study reaffirm the feedback we receive from customers who have already installed the M7,” says Steve Bender, Humanscale Product Manager. “When computer users sit with proper posture—which is possible when work tools, including the M7, allow them to work effectively without leaning forward or reaching—they experience increased comfort and less risk of injury,” he says.
The study group—97% of which spends at least three hours a day on computer-related tasks—included 28 men and women. Participants worked on identical 19" LCD screens and at workstations with similar dimension. In each, the distance was measured between participants and the monitor, desk, and mouse, while they performed typical computer tasks. Individuals assigned to the test group used the M7 and members of the control group continued to work without monitor arms. All of the participants completed online surveys prior to M7 installation, then one and three months post-installation. They reported on their musculoskeletal discomfort for eleven upper body regions, satisfaction and comfort levels, workstation usage, and workstation surface area.
Designed by the Humanscale Design Studio, the award-winning M7 is an easily adjustable, stable, sleek line of flat panel monitor arms. The M7 supports a wide range of single and multiple-monitor configurations and can be mounted on a horizontal or vertical surface to suit any workstation. The M7 allows users to change the depth, height, and angle of the monitor to maximize ergonomic function; maintain proper posture to reduce back, neck, and shoulder discomfort; and minimize eyestrain. Suspending monitors above the desktop also generates more usable space in an ever-shrinking work environment. Composed primarily of die-cast aluminum and with the environment in mind, the M7 is made of 90% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.
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