Element LED Task Light Now Available To Consumers

Revolutionary MCX LED Technology Sets New Bar for Task Lighting


Karen Brooking


New York, January 18, 2009 — The Element LED task light by Humanscale is now available to consumers. Designed by Mark McKenna, Design Director of the Humanscale Design Studio, Element offers groundbreaking advancements in LED technology and is the first light of its kind to meet all the Department of Energy’s criteria for an LED task light.

Element has quickly made a mark since its June 2009 introduction, winning Gold Awards at both NeoCon 2009 in Chicago and IIDEX 2009 in Toronto, as well as a Buildings Magazine Citation of Excellence in the 2009 Buildings Product Innovations Awards, and a GOOD DESIGN award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.
“The hope has always been that LEDs would provide beautiful, efficient, and usable white light, but it wasn’t until Element’s breakthrough technology that it became a reality,” Global Product Manager of Lighting Shane Cohen said. “I think that’s been the secret to its wonderful reception. It’s very exciting.”
Element’s unique MCX LED Technology utilizes a single multi-chip LED that produces a large footprint of bright neutral-white 3500 Kelvin light that meets the Illuminating Engineering Society and DOE’s guidelines for comfortable ergonomic reading. And unlike other LED task lights that utilize a cluster or bar of multiple LEDs, which produce a visually distracting series of shadows on the work surface, Element’s single LED produces just a single shadow for visual comfort.
Lisa Smith of Core77 Design said of Element: “Though the technology was enough to impress us, Humanscale also demonstrated a tremendous attention to design… a mighty achievement.”
Element’s unique design is a product of its heat-shedding function. A series of metal fins keep the unit cool to extend the life of the LED—which is rated at 60,000 hours—and keep lighting performance at optimum levels. Easy replacement of the multi-chip LED also ensures a long usable life for Element, unlike virtually all other LED task lights, which cannot be repaired and must be replaced in their entirety when the LEDs fail. Additionally, Element’s interchangeable plug options accommodate most electrical outlets for global versatility.
Element also offers exceptional sustainability. It is the only LED task light that consumes just seven watts of power while also providing ergonomic lighting levels—the equivalent of 70 watts of incandescent lighting. Constructed primarily of eco-friendly aluminum, it contains up to 81% recycled content, is 99% recyclable and ships in 70% recycled packaging. It can also be integral to the achievement of a number of valuable LEED credits.
Designed, engineered and manufactured to exacting standards, Element has achieved a variety of worldwide certifications, including UL, cUL, and CE, and comes with a 10-year warranty on all components, including the LED. Its color options include White with Silver trim or all Silver. It is available through for $338.
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