Humanscale Sponsors WWF Conservation Efforts in Cambodia

Donations Will Finance Additional Patrols, Resources to Protect Wildlife & Habitats


Karen Brooking


NEW YORK, November 20, 2008 — Humanscale is expanding its environmental commitment with a new initiative aimed at protecting a rich and diverse ecosystem. Through a three-year, $750,000 sponsorship of a new World Wildlife Fund program, Humanscale will help prevent the destruction of one of the last pristine wilderness areas of southeast Asia. The region, occupying nearly 1.5 million acres in eastern Cambodia and harboring varieties of indigenous wildlife, currently faces a questionable future as illegal poachers and loggers are systematically destroying the area and the wildlife within it.

In partnership with WWF and the Cambodian government, Humanscale will fund patrols in the Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary and in the corridor that links the sanctuary to the adjacent Mondulkiri Protected Forest—a contiguous area of 1,472,000 acres—to protect tigers, leopards, Asian elephants, Wild Water Buffalo and other cattle, birds, deer and additional species indigenous to the region. A new multi-agency mobile enforcement unit has also been established to reduce the illegal trade in tiger and tiger prey in Mondulkiri province.

Already a leader in sustainability, Humanscale’s joint effort with WWF complements its green mission of not only reducing the company’s own carbon footprint, but also reversing the environmental impact of others. By engaging in a campaign that will protect endangered wildlife and one of the world’s richest ecosystems, Humanscale intends to lead by example what progressive environmental stewardship is all about.

“Humanscale’s support of conservation work in the plains of eastern Cambodia will be a signature contribution to WWF’s efforts to secure the future of this ecologically important region,” says Carter Roberts, WWF President and CEO. “Through this project, Humanscale has shown true environmental leadership and has set a new bar for other environmentally friendly companies to meet and exceed.”

“It’s terrific that so many companies are now making headway in efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, but these changes alone are not going to protect endangered species and preserve habitats that are in the process of being destroyed,” says Robert King, a WWF member and Humanscale’s founder and CEO. “The truth is, having zero environmental impact isn't good enough. Unless others take action soon, we may very well lose important ecosystems like those in eastern Cambodia forever. We will pass on to our children a very different planet than our parents passed on to us.”

Through this new initiative, Humanscale hopes to see quantifiable improvements in the region, including stimulating growth of the tiger population. According to WWF, wild tigers now inhabit just 7% of their historical range, and over the past decade alone, the area occupied by the animal has shrunk by 41%.

“We need proactive efforts to prevent the relentless destruction of Earth’s diversity of life,” says King. “In my opinion, helping World Wildlife Fund preserve these nearly 1.5 million ecologically rich acres is the most important action Humanscale can take to protect the future of our planet. We will provide the resources necessary to prevent the incredible amount of poaching and logging that takes place in this region. My hope is that the success of this project will encourage others with the necessary resources to fund the active protection of other critically important ecosystems around the world.”

“Since 1999 when he joined WWF’s National Council, Robert King has shown an unwavering commitment to WWF—from Humanscale’s annual Faces in the Wild art auction to benefit WWF, to this extraordinary sponsorship,” Carter says. “Without the support of environmentally forward companies like Humanscale, WWF would not be able to do the field work which is at the core of achieving conservation results.”

As a company, Humanscale is dedicated to environmental sustainability and continually strives to design, engineer and manufacture products that consume less of Earth’s limited resources. For more information about Humanscale and the company’s full range of ergonomic and environmentally friendly solutions, visit or call 800-400-0625.

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