Humanscale to Showcase Latest LED Task Lighting Solutions at Orgatec 2012

Much-Awarded Horizon™ and Revolutionary Element Disc™ to Illuminate the Booth


Karen Brooking

COLOGNE, GERMANY, October 23, 2012 Humanscale, a worldwide leader in ergonomic innovation, will present its latest LED task lighting solutions at Orgatec 2012. Among several lights on display will be the Horizon LED task light, which has already received 20 prestigious design awards, and the Element Disc LED task light, the newest addition to Humanscale’s Element series of task lights. Both task lights embrace the fast-paced evolution of LEDs with revolutionary Thin Film LED Technology and smart dimming functionality, which offers seven levels of brightness to meet a vast range of ergonomic needs and uses memory to save the last preferred light setting selected by the user. 

Task lighting is a solution that is gaining increasingly more attention, and with good reason. People need different lighting levels depending on their age and vision strength. Moreover, since paper reflects light, reading paper-based documents requires up to five times more light than does viewing a monitor, which generates light. This presents an obvious conflict for most people, who must constantly review both paper-based and digital material. An answer to this quandary may be dual-source lighting, which uses low levels of overhead lighting in combination with task lights at each workstation—a solution which provides benefits ergonomically (by offering controllable lighting for people with varying vision levels), economically (by allowing people to use—and pay for—only the exact amount of lighting that they need) and environmentally (by reducing the energy wasted by excess overhead lighting).


As one of the first companies to recognize and address the need for LED task lighting, Humanscale offers an array of solutions, each with innovative features that hold the potential to change the way people work. Among them, the beautifully sleek Horizon LED task light uses Thin Film LED Technology to produce an ultra-wide footprint of warm light that’s free of the glare and multiple shadows that make most other LED task lights less ergonomic. As Humanscale’s most awarded product, It was recently recognized for its exquisite design by a number of world-renowned museums, including The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, both of which have accepted the light into their permanent collections.


Humanscale’s second manifestation of Thin Film LED Technology is the easily adjustable Element Disc LED task light, which embodies the great strides that have been made in recent years with LEDs. For exceptional sustainability and ease of use, it is equipped with a passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor, which automatically turns the light off or on when the user leaves or enters the area. Even when not in use, the Element Disc LED task light is an object of beauty, folding into a nesting position with its lamp head gracefully echoing the shape of its base.


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