Humanscale to Introduce Diffrient Smart™ Chair at NeoCon® 2012

Innovative Chair Combines Cutting-Edge Performance with Striking Aesthetics


Karen Brooking

NEW YORK — At this year’s NeoCon, Humanscale will debut its Diffrient Smart chair, which combines Humanscale’s signature weight-sensitive recline, Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and ultimate ease of use in a striking design. With its distinctive lines, Diffrient Smart delivers a clean, timeless aesthetic in a task chair that prioritizes simplicity and performance.

Designed by the legendary Niels Diffrient, the Diffrient Smart chair takes its performance cues from some of the renowned designer’s other award-winning Humanscale creations. Like the Liberty and Freedom chairs, for example, the Diffrient Smart chair features Humanscale’s patented weight-sensitive recline mechanism that automatically adjusts to the body weight of each sitter to provide perfect recline support every time someone sits in the chair—without the need for training, instructions or even manual adjustments.

For even greater ergonomic comfort, it features Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology backrest, which was first manifested in the Liberty chair. Just like a tailored shirt, the Diffrient Smart chair’s tri-panel, non-stretch mesh backrest fits the three-dimensional form of the human body to provide custom lumbar support for users without having to make any adjustments manually.

Ingeniously designed to fluidly accommodate the human body through a range of motion, the Diffrient Smart chair’s armrests are attached to the backrest—not the seat pan—to move with the body as the user reclines, ensuring complete upper body support throughout the day. In addition, it features optional high-performance armrests that move forward, back, in and out to best accommodate the physical needs and preferences of every user.

The Diffrient Smart chair is also an elegant embodiment of Humanscale’s well-known commitment to environmental sustainability. Made predominantly of recycled die-cast aluminum, it is lighter in weight and made from significantly fewer parts than most other chairs in its class, so fewer materials and manufacturing processes are used in its production. As such, the Diffrient Smart chair can contribute toward the achievement of valuable LEED credits.

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