Humanscale Design Studio Honored by HEALTHCARE DESIGN Magazine for T7™

Team Behind Latest TouchPoint™ Mobile Technology Cart Named “Most Innovative Product Designer”


Karen Brooking

NEW YORK — The Humanscale Design Studio was recognized as one of HEALTHCARE DESIGN’s “Most Innovative Product Designers” for their work on the revolutionary T7 mobile technology cart. Selected by HEALTHCARE DESIGN’s editorial staff as one of five winners, the Humanscale Design Studio was honored for the exceptional attention given to caregivers’ long-term health, comfort and well-being, as embodied by the brilliantly simple, intuitive T7.

HEALTHCARE DESIGN identifies and acknowledges the most noteworthy product designs and designers in the healthcare industry. The editorial staff of the magazine received many readers’ nominations of various healthcare products this year, and ultimately selected just five top designs and designers. Judged by both functionality and aesthetic appearance, all the winning products “showed the work of an ingenious product designer,” according to HEALTHCARE DESIGN.

The members of the Humanscale Design Studio, including Design Director Mark McKenna, add a global perspective to every design they create. Featuring a diverse group of 26 expert designers, engineers and prototypists from 11 countries of origin, the Humanscale Design Studio is an award-winning powerhouse. Among the game-changing designs they’ve developed, the T7 sets a new bar for mobile technology carts.

As the latest addition to Humanscale Healthcare’s TouchPoint series of mobile technology carts, the T7 is designed with an array of revolutionary innovations that allow caregivers to focus on their patients rather than their work tools. To meet the ergonomic requirements of the 5th to 95th percentile of users in sitting or standing postures, the T7’s Auto Fit™ technology instantly adjusts the unit to the caregiver’s entered height. By eliminating all but one adjustment step and conforming to users’ own, specific heights, the T7 makes it easy for users to work in an optimized ergonomic position. Further exemplifying the T7’s sophisticated design is its Power Track™ steering, which engages a fixed-direction wheel under the cart to ensure easier movement down hallways and around corners. In addition, all controls on the T7 are within the shoulder width—and, therefore, the ergonomic range—of the user. The T7 also offers two different tilting monitor arm options, both of which accommodate a vast range of individuals, including those with bifocals. And due to its low center of gravity, the T7 has excellent balance and stability for smoother, safer use. With an understated, streamlined aesthetic, the T7 features various storage and work surface options, and a concealed cable management system that hides unsightly wires from view.

The Humanscale Design Studio and the rest of the five winners will be announced in the May 2012 issue of HEALTHCARE DESIGN’s “Platinum Products and Services Guide.”

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