Humanscale Introduces Diffrient Technology Light

Dynamic Design Ideal for Hospitality & Hot-Desking


Karen Brooking


NEW YORK, May 27, 2009 — Humanscale’s Diffrient Technology Light—a versatile task light integrating two power outlets and an optional data port into its base—is now shipping. An ideal lighting solution for hospitality and “hot-desking” applications, the Diffrient Technology Light by Niels Diffrient combines versatility, energy efficiency, ergonomic function, and engineering precision with handsome good looks.

Based on the design of the award-winning Diffrient Work Light II, the Diffrient Technology Light offers a traditional screw-in socket to accommodate environmentally conscious compact fluorescent bulbs, which use one-fourth the energy of comparable incandescent bulbs, and last ten times longer.
A perfect solution for guestrooms or “hot-desking” environments—shared workspaces utilized by mobile workers—the light’s built-in power outlets and optional data port in its base allow users to charge and access technology on the desktop.
Offering a flexible range of motion and one-touch positioning, the Diffrient Technology Light may be effortlessly positioned to put light exactly where it’s needed, and away from reflective surfaces to reduce glare and the risk of computer vision syndrome—a condition characterized by eyestrain, eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches. The light also features a sleek, cone-shaped shade for a clean, modern aesthetic. The light ships standard with an 18-watt compact fluorescent bulb and is available in a black or silver finish.
According to research by Cornell University, the Light Right Consortium, and other sources, task lighting has been shown to elevate mood and positively influence productivity. The Diffrient Technology Light also enables lower levels of overhead lighting in office and hospitality environments to promote energy- and cost-savings. In addition, the light contains 90% recycled and recyclable content, and is constructed primarily of recycled aluminum, a material with intrinsic and ever-increasing scrap value to help promote recycling.
The Diffrient Technology Light will be on display at NeoCon 2009, June 5 – 17, and carries a list price of $429 – 449.


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Diffrient Technology Light, Side View
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Diffrient Technology Light, Side View
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Diffrient Technology Light Base
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Virtual Hospital Post-Op Room - Installation Photography
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Virtual Hospital Post-Op Room
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