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Article Praises Use of Recycled Materials in Humanscale’s Products


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New York, March 17, 2008 ——a leading source for green news, solutions and product information—has commended Humanscale for using a significant percentage of recycled materials in a majority of their product lines. 

The article, “Enough Already. ‘Recyclable’ is Not Recycling,” advocates the importance of repurposing recycled aluminum, which saves 95% of the energy and 95% in carbon dioxide emissions compared to producing virgin aluminum. According to, “Products touting ‘recyclable’ materials are eco-poseurs, unless those materials are also already recycled.” Companies that use recycled materials have “closed the loop. They truly recycled. They showed courage. They said ‘do as I do.’” correspondent Warren McLaren says a pet peeve—companies that promote “easily recyclable” products—moved him to write the article: “Mostly this writer steers away from the negative aspect of a story because there are plenty of others already on that bandwagon. But some things just annoy me to the point of distraction.”
When it comes to using the recyclable angle to market products, McLaren says “This is hypocrisy. It is ‘do as I say, not do as I do.’”
“Using recycled materials in products isn’t as convenient as sticking with virgin content,” says Bob King, Humanscale’s Founder and CEO. “But it’s the right thing to do. Otherwise, the message you’re communicating is that ‘recycling is too much trouble for me, so I’ll leave it up to the next guy to actually recycle and reuse my product.’ At Humanscale, we feel it’s our responsibility to eliminate as much virgin content as possible. If you look at our product range as a whole, it’s clear we use more recycled content than anyone in our industry.”
Humanscale products are developed and manufactured with the environment in mind, and contain a significant amount of recycled material. Humanscale’s Liberty and Freedom chairs, for instance, contain 54% – 85% recycled content—roughly 50% more recycled content than most competing chairs—and are made predominately of 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum. Specifically designed to weigh less and use fewer parts and manufacturing processes than similar designs in the same class, all Humanscale products can help projects earn valuable points toward LEED-CI Certification.


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