Humanscale’s New Paramount Debuts

System Supports Eight Monitors, Boasts Time- and Money-Saving Reconfiguration


Karen Brooking


NOTE: Para/Flex was known as Paramount at the time of this release.

New York, November 25, 2008 — Humanscale introduces the new Paramount, a multiple-monitor display system supporting one to eight flat panel monitors on a single parabolic mount. Intended primarily for trading applications, Paramount’s unique dual folding-crossbar design and integrated upper row enable time- and money-saving reconfiguration, without the use of tools or additional parts.
A flexible and ergonomically sound solution by the Humanscale Design Studio, Paramount can simultaneously accommodate up to eight 21-inch monitors or six 30-inch monitors—weighing as much as 30 lbs. each—in either landscape or portrait orientations. Two folding crossbars accommodate one to four monitors each on parallel horizontal rows. The system can be mounted to virtually any horizontal or vertical surface, including most slatwall systems designed for trading environments. A simple Allen key is used to install the Paramount to and remove it from the desktop.
Quick and simple monitor reconfiguration is achieved without the use of tools or additional hardware. This progressive design allows users to instantly add or remove monitors as their needs change, eliminating expensive and time-consuming labor. Paramount’s hinged, flip-out crossbars may be folded and tucked away when fewer monitors are displayed, while proprietary Quick Release bracket mounts enable monitors to be quickly installed or detached. No additional parts are necessary to add or remove monitors. Additionally, the integrated upper crossbar may be lowered when one-row applications are appropriate.
Paramount’s parabolic wrap-around shape offers comfortable ergonomic viewing by positioning each monitor at the same viewing distance from the user’s eyes, while an easy-to-use collapsible hand crank allows the vertical position of the monitors to be adjusted in unison. Paramount offers an 8-inch height adjustment range and allows for individual tilt adjustment of each monitor—up to 30 degrees—via a ball joint.
Available in two sizes—accommodating 60-inch and 54-inch desks—in either black or silver, Paramount’s contemporary good looks are complemented by an integrated and adjustable cable management system behind each crossbar to minimize clutter and improve organization. Cable extenders are also included to ensure easy setup.
Designed with sustainability in mind, Paramount contains 68% recycled content (47.5% post-consumer and 20.5% pre-consumer) and is 99% recyclable. It is constructed primarily of aluminum, as well as steel, nylon 6 and ABS, and comes with a 10-year warranty.


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NOTE: Para/Flex was known as Paramount at the time of this release.

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